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EditiX is a powerful and easy to use XML editor, Visual Schema Editor, XQuery Editor and XSLT debugger for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X designed to help web authors and application programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT / FO, DocBook and XSD Schema.


- "I checked EditX and it seems to be a beautiful, useful and professional XML editor". - Eyal Katz

- "I've been using EditiX for 6 months now and mainly to test my knowledge of XML, Schema and XSLT. EditiX is great for this. I especially like the XSLT debugger...I'm pleased with how the product works and the pricing is great." -
Danny Kruitbosch

- "EditiX stands clearly nearby my BBEdit app. I use primarily BBE and this new product is very clear and very well designed. I work a lot using XHTML/XML and SVG formats, and it is what I was expecting from an app. If you work extensively with web standards, this is your app" - Manao

- "As an archaeologist I am not technically inclined. But as our science has a particular demand for structured da
ta, it was no accident that I came across XML about 3 years ago. It was too obvious how much XML could do to improve work in archaeology as well as in the humanities as a whole. I frequently tried to apply all I had read a
bout XML on my data and writings, but all software I tried out was slow or buggy or ? . Most  of them were quite expensive.

Recently I encountered EditiX. It is cheap, it is incredibly fast, the interface is almost self explaining, clean and good looking. EditiX lets me do all that editing, data structuring and all transformation with ease, an incredible package of tools that cost a lot more in other packages, steep learning curve included. The software even offers those up-to-date tools that I, the user without direct contact to newest technological developments, did not yet think of. Therefore, EditiX will keep my work up to date as well.

I do not hesitate to recommend EditiX to my students and to colleagues who are ready to get on the XML train." - Dr. M. Shinoto, Beppu, Japan

- "This is really a great app for creating and developing XML-based documents. As a longtime BBEdit power user I must confess that I always wished that lots the features from Editix will appear in it. But I'm pretty satisfied using Editix on Mac OS X (a PB G4 800) which runs fast, realiable and stable. This is my second major Java application that I'm using on a daily basis" - Rüdiger Weiß-Mazzoni

- "This app runs very well in OS X 10.3.2. I use it almost daily and have absoluely no problems with performance or
stability." - HardDriver

- "There are not many (professional) XML-Editor apps that run on Mac OS X.
And this one has all the features that I am used to from other platforms. It is quick and has an excellent GUI." - Mac OS HeXer

- "The new version is realy cool! Specialy the new functions within the XSL are great! " - Reto Trachsel

- "Thank you for your rapid response and for a solid product" - Jeffrey Sonstein, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology.

- "EditiX looks like a very nice piece of software" - Peyton Bland, University of Michigan.


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EditiX's Users

"This is really a great app for creating and developing XML-based documents"

Rüdiger Weiß-Mazzoni

"useful and professional XML editor"

Eyal Katz