EditiX XML Editor

Schema Editor - XSLT Editor - XSLT Debugger - XSL-FO Editor - XQuery Editor

EditiX is a powerful and easy to use XML editor, Visual Schema Editor, XQuery Editor and XSLT debugger for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X designed to help web authors and application programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT / FO, DocBook and XSD Schema.

EditiX Community Edition


Access to the sources of EditiX XMl Editor

Modify and use it for your own activity




Sources are available in both licenses :


- Non commercial usage

- Commercial usage



EditiX XML Editor 15

>> Download this release



New W3C Schema Editor


- Efficient and intuitive Visual Editor
- Fast displaying
- Full Schema view
- Display included/imported schemas
- Copy/Paste nodes
- Drag'n Drop nodes
- Namespace management
- Print your diagram or text
- New XSDDoc Documentation generator
- New W3C Documentation generator look

EditiX W3C Schema Editor



- Smart surround action with splitting mode
- Repeat your last surrounding action

EditiX Surrounding dialog

- Assign Schematron to your XML document
- Validation with Schematron rules


EditiX Schematon

- Escape sequence management for search/replace

EditiX Search/Replace dialog

- New HTTP dialog (GET/POST/HTTP headers, history...)

JSON Editor


- Array management
- Auto close for array
- New object,array,properties popup

EditiX JSON popup

HTML Editor


- Assistant for ID Reference
- HTML to XHTML converter

XSL-FO Editor


- Assistant for inner links


XSLT Editor


- New console output for XSLT 1.0/2.0


EditiX XSLT Console output

Version : 2016




- New background validation mode

editix background validation

- Content assistance performance improved
- Write a sequence and complete it from the content assistant


editix write a sequence content assistant

- Very long line optimization mode avoiding editix latency (new preference)
- Repair corrupted XML content inside the hexadecimal editor


editix repair XML

- Auto close mode for quotes (new preference)
- Enabled/Disabled "xml:space" usage for formatting
- Print,Export any tables to CSV/XLS/XLSX


editix import export table content


- XSL-FO full validation while parsing


XSL FO full validation

- Support for FOP 2.0 & 1.0
- Support for eXist 3.0RC1


New XML Comparator


- Visual differences highlighting



- Easy differences navigation
- Complete summary
- Edit both documents while analyzing
- Efficient comparison mode from the current document


New JSON Editor


- Syntax coloration
- Syntax check on the fly
- Content assistant for properties
- Auto indentation
- Pretty format
- Real time tree outliner with location


editix JSON editor


DTD/Schema Editor


- XML inference from the current schema element chooses now the nearest element definition
- XML inference from the current element works inside a contextual popup menu
- Default XML inference will ask for the root element



CSS Editor


- Real time outliner with location on the fly
- New content assistant for the selector


editix CSS outliner


JavaScript Editor


- Real time outliner with location on the fly
- New content assistant for parameters


JavaScript outliner


HTML Editor


- New Browser preview item for the HTML menu
- Usual tag insertion from the HTML menu


editix HTML menu


New Preferences


- editor/longLineOptimization : By defaut true for optimizing long line management
- editor/autoCloseQuote : By defaut true for terminating automatically quote




- EditiXManager / public EditixDocument getCurrentDocument() : access to the current editor
- EditiXManager / public EditixDocument newDocument( String type ) : create a new document
- EditiXManager / public void closeCurrentDocument() : close the current editor
- EditixDocument / public boolean save() : save the current document




- FOP 2.0


Bugs fixed


- Fixed wrong cursor location for Mac OS X
- Fixed export schema image dialog for Mac OS X
- Fixed JavaScript content assistant for variable declaration
- Fixed content assistant comment with xsd schema reference
- Fixed on the fly parser for duplicated attributes


Version : 2015


Service Pack 1


- Fixed printing

- Fixed XSD documentation generator

- Fixed content assistant problem for linux, remove transparency for all platforms

- FO Transformation fixed

- Splashscreen problem for unix/linux fixed

- Minor changes about icons




- New Interface look


editix xml editor 2015


editix xml editor 2015 xslt


- Control and extend Editix with Scripts


editix xml editor 2015 scripting


- Various Script samples (simple output,new dialog,alter current dom...)


editix xml editor 2015 scripting sample


- Auto-indent mode
- Memory Problem for a large document is notified
- Memory Optimization for outline trees
- Project Performance improved
- Project State restored when loading with the preference file/restoreProject
- Default Encoding can be set for any project nodes



- Inner Refactoring splitting Editix into independant modules
- New default editing font : Consolas
- Automatic new version check at starting
- "Tip of the day" is disabled by default

- New packaging for Mac OS X and Unix/Linux


New JavaScript Editor


- Syntax Coloration
- Syntax Check
- Content Assistant for variables and functions
- Auto Indentation


Editix XML Editor 2015 - JavaScript Editor


XSLT Editor


- Contextual node assistant
- HTML and FO Wizards (table, list...)
- Location bar displays the current template, loop or variable context
- Saxon extensions completion (for elements,attributes and values)


XSL-FO Editor


- New Link Wizard (inner and external links)
- New List Wizard
- New Table Wizard


editix xml editor 2015 - table wizard


- Location bar displays the current page sequence, flow or block with id
- Update to FOP 1.1


W3C Schema Editor


- Location bar displays the current definition (element or type)


editix xml editor 2015 - XSD Schema


RelaxNG Editor


- Location bar displays the current definition


XHTML Editor


- Location bar displays the id hierarchy


HTML Editor


- New HTML menu
- New link wizard (inner and external links)
- New list wizard
- New table wizard
- Outline tree with real time position
- Checking action for HTML and HTML 5 documents


HTML Editor


CSS Editor


- Auto indentation
- Content assistant enhanced for properties values


SVG Editor


- Location bar displays the id hierarchy


Bugs fixed


- Anti-aliasing fixed for the CSS editor and the XQuery editor
- Invalid output file wasn't notified for FO Transformation
- Error panel didn't disappear automatically for FO Transformation
- On the fly errors was shown once
- Profiler didn't working for XSLT 1.0



Version : 2014
Build : 040914


Service Pack 1


- Various problems for the Schema generator (W3C/DTD/RelaxNG) fixed
- XML Formatting crash with DTD path having '-' fixed
- File searching using the current project fixed
- Error message when closing an empty project fixed
- Anti-aliasing for left title panels fixed
- When saving a new document, the current project path is used automatically
- The project tree is updated automatically when saving a document

New Visual editor by CSS

- Edit your XML document using a standard CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) file
- Visual mode with tags or pure text
- "On the fly" document location while editing
- Insert/Append/Delete nodes from any nodes
- Duplicate any nodes while editing (ctrl/command enter)


visual xml editor



visual xml editor

New Project Management

- Direct mapping with physical path
- Synchronization (upload/download) with multiple local/network/FTP sources
- Copy/Cut/Paste files or directories
- Rename (F2 support), Create directory
- Refresh any parts (F5 support)
- Save/Restore your parameters automatically
- Open the native explorer from the selection
- Copy file path (system and URL format)


xml project management


- Powerful XML Generator from XPath Expression
- 17 New UI themes ( using the interface/theme preference )
- Background tasks starting / stopping displayed in the status bar
- Update the content assistant component
- Update for the font preference dialog
- Update Default font size (editor and tree)
- Support for XPath 3.0
- ctrl (command on mac) 1-9 key shortcuts for selecting tabs
- Hexadecimal editor displays invalid XML characters in red

fast xml generator
XSLT Editor

- Support for XSLT 3.0
- New Debugger/Profiler for XSLT 3.0
- Variables and Parameters support for XSLT 2.0 debugging
- "Double click" on the templates page for editing


xslt 3.0

XQuery Editor

- Support for XQuery 3.0

XHTML Editor

- XHTML Preview ("on the fly" or on query), F5 support
- Fast <br/> insertion with ctrl (command on mac) enter
- Fast <p></p> insertion with ctrl (command on mac) shift enter

visual html editor

New HTML Editor

- HTML Preview ("on the fly" or on query), F5 support
- HTML 4.0 template
- HTML 5.0 template
- HTML 5.0 content assistant
- Fast <br> insertion with ctrl (command on mac) enter
- Fast <p></p> insertion with ctrl (command on mac) shift enter


html 5 editor

visual html 5 editor

CSS Editor

- Visual CSS Preview (CSS3 rendering),
- Visual refresh on the fly or one query, with F5 support
- Support for CSS3 (parser & content assistant)


css editor


- Support for relative resources (image...)

SVG Editor

- SVG Preview,
- Visual refresh on query, F5 support


svg editor

Bugs fixed

- The search Combo accelerator couldn't be used twice the for same expression
- The search Combo accelerator didn't work for non XML documents
- The XML prolog was lost inside the XPath filter
- Anti-aliasing was disabled on Windows 7
- Preference for the current line color was ignored
- Fixed inner DTD parsing
- The content assistant could freeze with attributes on unknown tags
- Fixed HTML content assistant
- Fixed dual screen usage and initial window location (preference windowLocationChecked)
- Fixed relative path assignation (CSS,XSD,DTD)
- Fixed XML Form designer schema tree



Version : 2013
Build : 171013


Service Pack 1


- Fixed default excel file extension from xslx to xlsx
- Fixed SVG Preview including JavaScript code
- Fixed Multiple declarations for DTD, Schema, RelaxNG inference
- Fixed Wrong order for the reporting list
- Fixed Default dialog location and size storage
- Fixed Ctrl Space activator replaced by Command space activator for Mac OS X
- Minor GUI improvements (button border, text font fixed)
- Removed border for grid buttons
- Frame title is updated
- Line number contrast improved
- Warning now thrown for transformation path with whitespace characters inside
- Document Filter available from the project toolbar
- Item XSL Scenarios is renamed XSL Scenarios archive
- Default Font for Mac OS X is now Courrier/12pt
- DTD/Schema menu reorganized




- New document dialog


xml file dialog

- Hexadecimal editor (working in hexa, decimal and character mode)


- File dialogs displays now document icons


file dialog

- You can now restore to the default template document
- Update of the Template dialog
- Import/Export for the JSON format



- Bookmark/Unbookmark any document lines by clicking on the row number column



- Find your bookmarks at any times from the bottom toolbar
- Bug/Request reporting are sorted from the current version
- Goto action for an offset
- Global performance improvement due to profiling
- GUI update


editix 2013


File Browser (file,ftp,zip)


- Select a file filter highlights the right files
- Refresh action (for file system usage)


New XML Scenario document


- Create complex XML scenario for a file or a set of files (by directory)
- Run it inside Editix by task or the whole scenario
- Run your scenario in command line


XML Scenario


XML Editor


- New tags and attributes assistant when no schema is found (ctrl space)


content assistant

- "Element Search" panel result can be sorted by column


XML search

- XPath panel result can be sorted by column
- Double click on the error panel header for maximizing the messages
- Filter dialog can help user choosing descendant elements and xpath components


XPath helper


XSLT Editor


- New Mapping view splitting XSLT tree and Output tree


xslt mapping

- New template wizard from the data source panel


template wizard

- Use ctrl + mouse for finding quickly references


XSLT reference


W3C Schema Editor


- Use ctrl + mouse for finding quickly references

xsd schema reference


XSL FO Editor


- Use ctrl + mouse for finding quickly references


Bugs fixed


- An invalid document type from the recent files could crash Editix at starting
- XPath Panel for 2.0 could crash with non nodeset result
- Form designer could crash with XSD Element reference


Version : 2012
Build : 300412




- Application descriptor can be edited for changing Menus / Toolbars / Popups...


editix xml editor descriptor


- Plugin API for controlling editing / adding new features to EditiX
- Search field while editing by elements/attributes or xpath expressions


search field


- XSLT/XSLFO/XQuery panel for reusing transformation scenarios


editix xml editor scenarios


- Spell checker (Google Service usage) working with 11 languages

editix xml editor spell checker


- Improved DTD, W3C Schema, RelaxNG Inference
- Custom Node Coloration from the XML tree Popup


xml editor node coloration


- Engine Updates for inner XML libraries




- Import / Export an XML grid using a CSV file format
- Filter activation is saved for next editor usage


XSLT Editor


- A W3C Schema can be bounded to the XSLT document for output content assistant


editix xml editor schema mapping


XML DataBases


- Improve eXist connection test


Bugs fixed


- Recent files saves now all user parameters ( XSLT Parameters... )
- Select node from the tree popup didn't work
- Error icon overrided the tab icon
- Locked/Unlocked state editor refresh fixed for the toolbar usage
- XML Formatting could bug with tags in comment inside the document header
- XML Formatting could bug with &quot;, &apos; entities in text
- Location by line fixed
- Focus lost when checking a document

June, the 30 th 2011
Version : 2011 Service Pack 1
Build : 010611




- xml:space = 'preserve' or 'default' are managed while formatting
- Error keys selection (ctrl shift up/ctrl shift down) changed to alt down/alt up
- New preference [editors/editor/maxErrorLines] for changing the default error panel size
- New preference [xml/xmlconfig/XML Instance with all attributes] for generating XML instance from XSD


xml space



- Improved W3C Schema Generation from an XML instance




- Automatic Activation is taken into account when changing XPath expression
- CDATA section are managed


XSLT Editor


- xsl:text with inner white spaces are preserved while formatting


XSD Editor


- Enumerations are taken into account while generating an HTML documentation
- Open/close states for nodes are preserved


Bugs fixed


- CDATA lose with the filter editor
- Permanent Tooltip while editing fixed
- New font name by a preference wasn't taken into account for editing
- CheckAll action fixed


December, the 27 th 2010
Version : 2011
Build : 271210




- New Filter for editing easily any parts of a document


editix 2011


editix 2011

- SQL import with ODBC access by default

- Load and use your own JDBC data driver for any relational databases


editix 2011

- New Style library panel for managing CSS style from HTML,XSL-FO,CSS documents


editix 2011

- New Expand Action for the editor tree popup
- CSV import option for converting column names to elements, add row numbers
- New Preference for changing the cursor color
- Text Antialiasing is enabled by default (preference application/interface/antialiasing)
- Engine Updates for inner XML libraries (XML,XSLT,XSL-FO)


XSD Editor


- New matching search for element ref, complexe and simple type from the contextual menu


editix 2011


XSLT Editor


- New toolbar for managing templates

editix 2011

- Copy / Cut / Paste of templates from multiple documents
- New edit action for the Data and Result file
- New clean action for the result file
- New matching search for template,apply-templates,call-template from the contextual menu


editix 2011

XSL-FO Editor


- New matching search for page-sequence and master-page from the contextual menu


RelaxNG Editor


- New matching search for references and define blocks from the contextual menu


Bugs fixed


- Drag'n drop could create wrong occurence number for the snippets
- Drag'n drop of templates in the XSLT editor pane fixed


May, the 21 th 2010
Version : 2010 SP1
Build : 050510



- Improved user interface

- A message is displayed when assigning a relax ng schema

Text Editor

- Tooltip with xpath ( mouse + ctrl key ), list of attributes ( mouse + alt key )


editix xml editor xpath

editix xml editor attributes

- Enter key is managed when changing a name in the element view
- New shortcuts ctrl + shift + down or up for moving to the previous or the next sibling node
- New shortcuts ctrl + page down + or page up for moving to the parent of the first child node


XSLT Editor

- Multiple file edition for including/importing parts
- Templates manager for attributes, inserting, moving a template


xslt editor editix xml editor


- XSLT Debugger works with including/importing xslt files
- The current context XML node is automatically displayed when debugging

XML Form Editor

- "Required" property is not set automatically for cardinality > 0

Bugs fixed

- Maximized state when opening from the most recent menu
- When debugging in a visual maximized state the debugging window is shown
- Drag'n drop from the XML data source to the XSLT editor fixed
- Parsing error with particular CDATA content


January, the 08 th 2010
Version : 2010
Build : 020110

XML Form Designer

- Complete Designer for building Form for your XML documents
- Drag 'n drop from an XML Schema parts for building your Form
- Synthronization between the schema nodes and the form fields.
- Component library for adding special effect (label, separator...)
- Control for required fields and various constraints (multi lines...)
- XPath synchronization system

xml form designer

XML Form Editor

- Edit your favorite XML document with an XML Form
- Actions for adding and deleting sequence part
- Switch between the Form and the Source Editor

editix form editor

editix form editor
form editor

Text Editor

- Location bar for navigating into the node hierarchy (go to, select, copy, cut actions popup)

editix location bar

- Current line location
- Whitespaces visibility

editix editor white space

Bugs fixed

- popups for Mac OS X fixed (Project panel and XSD visual editor)
- Some dialog layouts for Mac OS X fixed
- Due to wrong performance, the XHTML inner preview has been removed (system preview must be used)

EditiX XML Editor 2009

July, the 21 th 2009
Version : Service Pack 1
Build : 210709
>> Download now


- Relative paths (preference application/project/relativePath for disabling it)
- Drag'n Drop starts slowly avoiding moving by error a project branch
- Delete key for removing a project element
- Filter by document type (menu Popup)

editix document filter

XML Tree

- Drag'n drop of nodes takes into account auto-closed elements
- Ctrl key while dragging for duplicating the nodes
- Drag'n drop from the tree to the editor for copying a node
- Popup on a node for displaying another attribute


- Cursor location is restored after formatting
- Expression highlighting (parenthesis...)

editix expression


- "Close all except the current one" action

XSD Editor

- The attribute view is by default optional (delimiters in the border)
- The group ref view is minimized
- New export image action ( png or jpg ) in the designer
- Delete key in the visual mode is managed

XSLT Editor

- The document type (XSLT 1.0 or 2.0) is now displayed in the XSLT window


- HTML help output is managed
- DocBook properties are available

editix docbook

Bugs fixed

- XML catalog management fixed
- Couldn't parse an XML document with both a DTD and a schema
- Color of the '=' character could not be changed
- Formatting with text trimming could remove line breaks
- Couldn't add element in the visual mode for extension fixed
- Error message whenimporting a project for opened items

January, the 03 th 2009

Native XML database
- Default support for eXist, xindice, oracle berkley db xml
- Interface for plugging a new xmldb driver
- Button for running the current query document

xml database editix

File search ( Search menu )
- Search with a text/regexp and xpath expression
- Search location in a directory or a project
- Filter for document type
- Result view with files and occurences

file search editix

Common editor
- Line number with highlighting for the current node

line number editix

Schema editor
- Copy/Cut/Paste action in the visual mode

- The recent files (document and projects) are stored in the user home (so will be unchanged with new editix versions)
- Invalid recent files are in red inside the file menu
- Better preferences organization
- Alt-left/Alt-right for navigating into the selected editors

Search panels
- Enter key for running the element search
- Ctrl-Enter keys for running the XQuery search

- Indent size submenu for the format action
- "Check all" action (working for XML, CSS, XQuery opened documents)
- Shortcut ctrl-T becomes ctrl-shift-A

xml menu editix

- Assistant for available modes

Bugs fixed
- Wrong default path for the filebrowser wasn't notified
- Fix the "No stylesheet" message for DocBook transformation
- Fix the editix.tmp change message after a DocBook transformation
- Fix the Search/Replace
- Fix the Comment/Uncomment action
- Fix Diff with DTD

September, the 26 th 2008
Version : 2008, Service Pack 5

Build : 081208


- The first error is selected automatically when parsing
- Keyboard shortcuts : ctrl-shift-up and ctrl-shift-down for navigating into the errors
- "Ctrl down/up" shortcuts keyboard for selecting the next or the previous node in the text editor
- Search/Replace performance fixed


- Keyboard shortcut : ctrl-shift-s for saving the current project


- XSLT2 validator
- Couldn't insert characters before the root node
- The XPath1 functions assistant for XSLT1 didn't display specific XSLT functions
- "Repeat the last action" works both for XSLT and XQuery
- XPath1/XPath2 functions assistant for XSLT1/XSLT2 (ctrl-space)

XML Diff

- New diff algorithm
- Export a report action
- Refresh action
- Filter actions
- Some error message weren't displayed
- A waiting message when processing is displayed


- Preview regression fixed

XSD/DTD Editor

- Drag'n drop for moving an element (table & diagram modes)
- Full schema validator
- Action for generating an XML template from the current element definition

XPath Window

- Keyboard shortcuts : ctrl-enter or ctrl-shift-enter for running
- The first result is selected automatically

CSS Editor

- Wrong properties are notified

June, the 19 th 2008
Version : Service Pack 4


Common :

- New XQuery Editor

xquery editor

- XML instance generated from a W3C schema or a DTD
- New CSS Editor

css editor

- Assistant for W3C Schema type boolean,dateTime,time,date,gYearMonth,gYear,gMonthDay,gDay,gMonth
- Syntax highlighting for XPath and XQuery
- W3C Schema Annotation managed for the content assistant
- A document with error is notified inside its tab


Bugs fixed :

- When choosing FOP for XSLT, the result document was displayed as any texts
- Formatting error with CDATA section fixed
- When clicking on an error message, the editor didn't scroll to the bound line
- When highlighting a line from the tree, some parts were wrongly refreshed
- BOM for UTF-8 was wrongly managed
- Formatting error fixed with a document without a prolog
- Previous/Next actions didn't work sometimes
- Several content assistant problems fixed
- Starting Editix with a file path didn't work
- The schema generator throwed an error

April, the 30 th 2008
Version : Service Pack 3
Build : 300508


Common :

- XML Snippets : It helps you reusing XML blocks

- Use Drag'n Drop for putting a snippet into your document or Double click.
- Add your own snippet from your current document location
snippet xml
- Decide to repeat automatically some structure blocks
xml snippet
Then the result will be for 5 rows and 1 column :
xml snippet result

xml snippet

- "Previous/Next file" buttons inside the main toolbar

previous next buttons

- XML Diff proposes the current XML documents
- Multiple selections for the XPath history for deleting
- Formatting scenario with text trimming

Bugs fixed :

- Error line could not appear with JDK6
- Attributes weren't lexically ordered by the content assistant
- Multi-lines comments wrongly generated for the Schema documentation generator
- The XSLT result wasn't always loaded
- Navigator didn't open for Windows/Mac os X platforms
- XSLT parameters couldn't be removed
- Assigning an XSD schema could loose the default namespace
- Export/Import for the XPath history added empty lines
- Attribute nodes from XPath result were partially displayed
- XSD document generation didn't escape < > characters
- XSD document generation with missing some HTML parts fixed
- Fixed some assistant problems with HTML and XSL-FO
- Fixed formatting and XSLT problems

March, the 30 th 2008


Common :

- Better result format for the search panel, the "*" value is managed for "any elements"
- New menu inside the editor popup for displaying occurences of element and attribute
- New menu action for displaying the current element occurences (shortcut F2)

editix search

- Performance for the pretty format improved
- Three formatting scenarios : Pretty, Pretty with explicit open/close, Unformat

editix format action

- The refactor menu item has been removed and is only available in the editor popup menu
- New "attributes to element", "attribute to element", "surround", "insert element/attribute" refactoring
- New "delete all the comments", "delete text inside an element" refactoring
- Repeat the last refactoring action (inside the editor popup menu)

editix xml refactor

- Manuel is shown with the F1 key
- Ressource Browser (file/zip/ftp) content sorted
- Button for changing the default directory for the file browser
- Add a CSS filter when opening a text file
- W3C Schema Enumeration facet is managed for the element content
- The tab width can be changed inside the format menu

XSL-FO Editor :

- Refactoring : Rename page master name, region name

XSLT Editor :

- HTML assistant for an HTML output

editix xslt assistant

- XSL-FO assistant for an XSL-FO output

editix xslt fo

Bugs fixed :

- Wrong path name for the file browser under Mac OS X/Linux (missing a first '/')
- Wrong path for external entity value was not notified
- Schema encoding wrongly managed for the content assistant
- The search panel could freeze when selecting a node of a closed document
- Pretty format could loose empty text part
- New project action fixed
- Tree nodes couldn't be selected by the keyboard
- XPath node selection was too little (for Mac OS X)

March, the 03 th 2008

Version : Service Pack 1
Build : 030308
>> Download now


Common :

- Edit Office 2007 (.docx...) and Open office document (.odt...)


zip browser

- New ZIP / FTP browser
- Edit by Drag'n drop ZIP files from your file system
- ZIP/FTP files can be added to a project and inside the previous file sub menu
- Bookmark by XPath location or Cursor location (ctrl B)

bookmark editix

- Actions for duplicating the previous/following sibling node

node actions editix

- Open project file (*.pre) by Drag'n drop from the file system
- Default browser for Linux platforms is firefox

XSLT Editor :

- Profiler for XSLT 1.0 and 2.0

editix xslt profiler

- XSLT with an FO result document can be transformed to PDF, RTF...

editix fop

Bugs fixed :

- The "open recent menu" entries didn't memorized the editing parameters (like XML data source...)
- XML Schema W3C validation required internet access
- Uncomment action could work wrongly
- The XSLT debugger had various problems
- Errors line could be wrong when validating an XSLT or XSD documents
- When closing the introduction panel a wrong editor could be closed
- UTF-16 wrongly managed for the AUTOMATIC encoding mode
- Calling several times the templates manager worked wrongly
- Random wrong states for project actions

January, the 26 th 2008

Version : RC1
Build : 140208
>> Download now


* Visual Schema W3C Editor

editix visual schema editor

- Visual or table mode
- Manage complexType or simpleType
- Manage namespace
- Link to external definition
- Document any parts
- Switch from text to the visual mode using the current node
- Generate a documentation from your schema
- More features

* Common :

- Better content assistant height management
- The content assistant state is stored inside the project
- The content assistant state is available inside the main toolbar

editix toolbar

- New document dialog improvement (double - click on a choice)
- Search/Replace dialog initialized with the text selection
- When a character cannot be displayed inside the character entity panel it is colored in gray
- A tooltip displays the current file path in the tab container
- A tooltip displays the attributes and the text inside the XML tree view

editix tree tooltip

- Schema/RelaxNG generator formats the result
- Schema generator takes into account the root namespace
- When assigning a schema to an element with a namespace the schemaLocation attribute is used
- When assigning a schema or a DTD root elements are available

editix dtd elements

- The tag update state is available inside the main toolbar
- New templates for TEI P4 Lite, TEI P5, DITA, WSDL, XSLT with XSL-FO output
- Better visibility for the error's tooltip

editix errors tooltip

- Error popup : Copy to the clipboard or export the error list to a file

editix errors popup

- EditiX can reload outside modified files
- Element search panel is available for any opened documents
- Surround action lists available elements
- Surround action works on the current selection or on the current element
- Export your XML structure to java classes with a SAX handler
- Refactoring action for adding a new attribute
- EditiX version shown inside the bug reporting system
- A modified document is displayed with a "*" inside the title

editix file change

- Comment/Uncomment, Selection, Surround actions available in the toolbar and working with the current node
- Copy/Cut the current node actions

edit menu

* XPath

- Export/Import/Clean popup actions inside the history
- Tooltip with result name and value

editix xpath tooltip

* Project manager

- New popup action for exporting the project content as a zip document
- New project action
- New "add all" action for all the current documents
- Drag'n drop of a directory works

*editix project popup

RNG Editor :

- RNG documents are validated

* XSLT Editor :

- XSLT 1.0 documents are validated
- The action for disabling the assistant has been removed from the XSLT menu as it is available in the XML menu
- Button for refreshing the XML data source
- When building XSLT document with drag and drop, relative xpath location are computed

editix xslt validate

* XHTML Editor :

- Component preview
editix xhtml preview

Bugs fixed :

- XSLT Transformation due to errors inside the XML source didn't displayed correctly
- XML Catalog was not taken into account for transforming
- The XPath result value didn't display text for XPath 1.0
- Relative XPath 1.0 expression to the root node couldn't work
- Refactoring action could "freeze" the application
- EditiX could "freeze" for a wrong XML data source at starting
- DTD Parsing bugs fixed
- The status bar could disappear when loading a project with an XSLT editor
- A relative path was available when assigning a DTD or a schema on a new document
- Surround with CDATA section was incorrect
- Default namespace sometimes wrongly shown inside the tree
- The first export for a project could fail
- Namespace manager fixed

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